Friday, November 9, 2012

Last year during Trichotillomania Awareness Week, my sister bought me a spinner ring.  I had never heard of them before.  The rings have two bands, one which spins freely and gives your fingers something to do (besides pull hair).  I've worn my spinner ring everyday since I got it.  There are times when I actually use it as it's intended for, but mostly... my sister said it is a reminder that I'm loved and supported by my family.  It may not always keep me from pulling, but that's okay.  I know I am not alone and I am loved- and that's why I wear my spinner ring everyday.  
TLC states that the "rings are also referred to as worry rings, turn rings, turning rings, prayer rings or motion rings".  
Want a spinner ring?  TLC's store special (this week): Buy one Stainless Steel Spinner Ring, get one HALF OFF! Enter coupon code GRATEFUL (spinner rings are great gifts for anyone, BFRB or not!)

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