Monday, December 31, 2012

I've mentioned this before, but... I normally don't wash my make-up off at night (bad- I know) and shower in the morning.  That way if someone does happen to see me, I'll likely have some remnant of make-up on.  

Well, a little over a week ago, I was with my husband and kids, my parents, two of my sisters, my brother-in-law and two nieces.  We were spending the weekend together at my parents' log home. On Friday night my son managed to get honey all over himself and as I was helping clean him up, I manged to get honey in my hair.  Eww!  So, although I wasn't planning on it, I took a shower Friday night at the log home.  Saturday morning came around...  woke up with no make-up on.  Not sure why I didn't quickly put make-up on before I headed upstairs for breakfast, but I didn't.  Maybe I forgot?!?  Not sure if anyone noticed, but I do know that no one cared.  I didn't get any weird looks or any comments at all.  And yes, I know this is my family, but they don't see me like this (just my husband and kids do).  Well, we weren't going anywhere for the day and we were just enjoying the lazy day... my sister and I ended up having a jammie day (not getting dressed and staying in jammies all day).  And that also meant, I wore no make-up for the entire day!  Crazy.  I did avoid any pictures that were being taking that day, but besides that... I felt okay with it.  No one that weekend probably knew what an accomplishment that was for me.  They probably thought nothing of it.  But it was huge for me!  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Study: Emotional Cycles Maintaining Trichotillomania (Hair-pulling) Across Subtypes.

TLC shared, "Internet-Based Research Study Open to inviting any adults who are 18 or older and have trichotillomania/chronic hair-pulling: $1 dollar donated to TLC for each participant!"  If you want to help out and be a part of the study- click here.  I haven't sat down myself to take complete the survey, but hopefully tonight or tomorrow.  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Today was a first (at least to my knowledge it was).  I was driving and something kept bugging my eye.  When I finally got a chance, I took a look at it.  It was just an upper lash that kept snagging on a bottom lash.  But they I noticed something... I hadn't finished filling in my left eyebrow (the joys of getting ready with little ones running around)!!  It's pretty noticeable in the picture below, but let me tell you- it looked waaaaay worse in person!  And unfortunately I wasn't going straight home- so I couldn't fix it.  I was meeting my mother-in-law in just a few minutes to go shopping.  And there's no way I could leave it like that- one eyebrow filled in and one partial filled in.  So my only option- rub off all the eyebrow make-up and go without.  Not sure if that option was any better though- I looked like I had no brows (I do, just very light, thin, and patchy).  Ugh... what an ugly day!  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Roll with the Punches

Sometimes you just gotta...
Lenka - Roll With The Punches

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I think I have allergies.  Like I'm 99.99% sure that I have allergies.  And it's gotten to the point where I finally think I should see a doctor.  However, I don't have a family doctor (and haven't for years).  So I need to get a new doctor (actually I've already made an appointment with one).  Since I'll be a new patient, I won't just be there for my allergies, but also a new patient exam.  I know there'll be a bunch of medical history questions and opportunities for me to say, "And I have trichotillomania... I have for over 20 years."  I would like to just pretend I don't have it... not necessarily lie, just not mention it.  You know?!  But there's also a huge part of me that would like to just spit it out right away and be honest about it.  And really, what is there to be nervous about?!  He's a doctor!  He's seen it all I'm sure.  And it's his job to help people.  So as awkward as it may feel to have the words come out of my mouth- I know deep down that's it's nothing to be ashamed about.

*UPDATE: I did see my new family doctor, but I did not tell him that I had trich.  There really wasn't a need to tell him (at least not at this time).

Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Trichster update

Trichster is coming along.  This documentary will help bring more awareness... but only if it is seen by others!!  There's still a ways to go- so please consider helping make Trichster possible.  Check out their Seed&Spark site- here Jillian Corsie introduces the trailer for her documentary (which is great).  There are 58 days left to help them reach their goal- right now they are 11% there.  WE can have a part of making this documentary happen!!

In addition to making a donation, you can help by spreading the word.  Considering posting this on your facebook:

My friend Jillian Corsie is trying to raise awareness about trichotillomania through her documentary Trichster. Help this amazing team of filmmakers bring this film to life and watch the trailer here: