Friday, December 7, 2012

Today was a first (at least to my knowledge it was).  I was driving and something kept bugging my eye.  When I finally got a chance, I took a look at it.  It was just an upper lash that kept snagging on a bottom lash.  But they I noticed something... I hadn't finished filling in my left eyebrow (the joys of getting ready with little ones running around)!!  It's pretty noticeable in the picture below, but let me tell you- it looked waaaaay worse in person!  And unfortunately I wasn't going straight home- so I couldn't fix it.  I was meeting my mother-in-law in just a few minutes to go shopping.  And there's no way I could leave it like that- one eyebrow filled in and one partial filled in.  So my only option- rub off all the eyebrow make-up and go without.  Not sure if that option was any better though- I looked like I had no brows (I do, just very light, thin, and patchy).  Ugh... what an ugly day!  

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