Thursday, June 21, 2012

The wheels on my desk chair don't roll very well.  I figured something of the kids had gotten stuck in there (ribbons, papers or other crafty stuff... who knows).  But when I flipped my chair over that wasn't the case.  The wheels were completely wrapped in hair.  I guess I should have known.  It's got to go somewhere.  And of course if I'm sitting at my desk, pulling hair, and letting them drop to the floor... of course they're going to get tangled up in my wheels.  I guess it's just bizarre to see evidence of your pulling, evidence besides thinning and bald patches.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"No Make-up Allowed!"

Okay, there's no actual sign that says that but there are some places where make-up normally is not worn.  And if you do wear it, you might be seen as a vain person.  Like at the pool or beach, the gym (um... that's not a problem), or camping.  This past weekend we went camping for a couple nights (and we have a few more trips planned this summer).  And I wore make-up... not my everyday make-up though.  Just mascara and eyeliner.  I didn't even fill in my brows.  That's about as "no make-up" as I get.  Just wore the make-up that makes me feel normal.  It'd be nice to be able to go make-up free (completely free) someday.   

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"What beautiful eyes!"

What parent does LOVE when their children receive compliments?!  It's like a pat on the back- "Yeah, I made that!"  or "Yeah, I raised them well."  But there's one compliment that my children receive (often) and I hate it:
"What beautiful eyes!!" and "Look at those eyelashes; they're so long!"  Okay... I don't hate the compliment... I hate what comes after the compliment.  I hate when people then look at me to see if that's where they got their lashes from.  I cringe.  Please don't look at my lashes to see if they are as long as my children's.  They're not.  They're barely even there.  So the last thing I want is attention to my lashes... especially when they are comparing length.  I try my hardest to avoid eye contact, change the subject or probably do/say something awkward since I feel awkward.

I guess I need to get used to this (you think I would have after 5 years of people complimenting my babies and their baby blues).   

I guess I should look at their beautiful eyes as my goal, as inspiration.  Cause those beautiful long lashes did come from me... you just can't tell by looking at me right now.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thank God for sunglasses... otherwise people might wonder why my brows and lashes disappear while swimming.  I know there is waterproof stuff out there, but for as often as I swim (not often) it's just not worth it.   

Saturday, June 2, 2012

This kinda of irked me.  I don't always get the chance to watch the Soup on E!, but I do think the show is pretty funny.  However, their recent post (and the comments from people) on their facebook page wasn't very funny.  At least I don't think those suffering from trichotillomania would find it funny.  Here's the picture- celebrities with their eyebrows removed.  If enough people "liked" this post their eyebrows would grow back.  

Here's a few of the things people were saying:
"Wow that's creepy!!"
"Amazing how someone looks vastly different after their eyebrows have been removed."
"Zombie apocalypse!  Thanks for the nightmares"
"Have you ever noticed that everyone looks like salamanders without eyebrows?"
"never realized that brows really make a difference.  woooowww"
"It's amazing how a LIL stretch of hair boost ur appearance so much..."
"Oh wow... that's amazing the difference eyebrows make... these are some of the most beautiful celebrities in the world and all of them are so uuuuuggggly..."
"That's so weird .  They all look so freaky."
"People look creepy without eyebrows!!!"
"O my gawd.  'Dis is ugly!"
"I wish I could unsee this."

WOW!!!  No wonder so many people suffer alone, in silence, ashamed to tell anyone that they pull their hair.  I don't think my comment will do much, but I did add this to their post,"While others find this humorous, creepy, or ugly... there are MANY who have to look in the mirror everyday and see a face without eyebrows (hair).  For those suffering from trichotillomania- please check out and don't suffer alone."