Thursday, June 14, 2012

"What beautiful eyes!"

What parent does LOVE when their children receive compliments?!  It's like a pat on the back- "Yeah, I made that!"  or "Yeah, I raised them well."  But there's one compliment that my children receive (often) and I hate it:
"What beautiful eyes!!" and "Look at those eyelashes; they're so long!"  Okay... I don't hate the compliment... I hate what comes after the compliment.  I hate when people then look at me to see if that's where they got their lashes from.  I cringe.  Please don't look at my lashes to see if they are as long as my children's.  They're not.  They're barely even there.  So the last thing I want is attention to my lashes... especially when they are comparing length.  I try my hardest to avoid eye contact, change the subject or probably do/say something awkward since I feel awkward.

I guess I need to get used to this (you think I would have after 5 years of people complimenting my babies and their baby blues).   

I guess I should look at their beautiful eyes as my goal, as inspiration.  Cause those beautiful long lashes did come from me... you just can't tell by looking at me right now.

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