Monday, February 17, 2014

Remodeling Project

Trich really hasn't been in the forefront of my mind lately.  Not saying I don't ever think about it, but I haven't focused on it.  I feel like there are so many areas in my life that need work.  The list for this remodeling project seems never ending.  And I just can't tackle them all at once.  It's overwhelming.  Not that trich isn't an important battle, but it feels a little cosmetic.  Take this kitchen for example.  I feel like focusing all my energy on trich would be adding a new coat of paint to these walls.  Yeah, it could use it, but clearly there are other issues that need to be addressed first.  Like clearing out the clutter.  And I think the hole in the ceiling should probably be addressed before painting the walls.      
 Do I like what I see in the mirror?  No.  But I need to do more than just plant flowers in the yard- that still won't make it "pretty."  I want to work on all of me.  Heart, soul and body.  And by body, I don't just mean a long set of lashes- I need to get in shape and take care of my body.  And you know... maybe taking care of all me will actually help take care of those cosmetic flaws staring at me in the mirror.    
Both images from Ugly House Photos
Anyone else feel like me?  Like you need to declutter, fix, improve, remodel so much about yourself?  Or do you guys got it all together? ;)  

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  1. Definitely don't have it all together. Some days I'm more put together than others.