Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sleeping and Trich

Question for you...
I have a trichster friend who asked if I also had any sleeping issues. And I thought I'd throw the question out to you guys as well and get more feedback for her. 

For me personally, I wouldn't say I really have sleeping issues.  I'm tired a lot, but I also have three kids :) And I'm getting older- I think I need more sleep them I did in my 20s.  But I don't have problems falling asleep or anything like that.  I do get up to pee in the middle of the night... every night.  That's just plain annoying.  

So what about you fellow trichsters? Any sleeping problems? Thanks in advance for your answers!

*Update: Here are some responses I've gotten from some other trichsters:


  1. I'm constantly tired, but I don't sleep well at night. During the day, I can lay down and sleep for a couple of hours, no problem, but I'll often lay awake in bed at night. I've been trying to get into a routine of going to bed earlier, reading in bed before going to sleep, and listening to "sleep music". I probably sleep more now than I did before, but I don't feel rested. I've been checked out for medical issues, so I'm thinking that I may not be getting enough "deep sleep", maybe?

  2. I wouldn't say I have any sleep issues. I sleep WAY too late on weekends, but I always did that...even before I had trich!!!

  3. I have the same issues as Heather. I am constantly tired. Have issues when I got to bed at night, but I can nap during the day no problem! I also go through phases of insomnia.
    I think some of it has to do with the medication I take for anxiety/depression. I've always had sleep issues though and I haven't noticed any correlations between it and trich.

  4. Brenda, do you mind if I ask what medication you take? Probably not the same as mine, but it'd be interesting if it was!

  5. I Had phases of insomnia. I rarely fell asleep quickly. I could nap or sleep WAY too late. My biggest obstacle with sleep and trich was I subconciously pulling. Does anyone have issues with subconsciously pulling?

    1. Rachel, I know I definitely have times where I am very focused, staring in the mirror trying to get more specific hair that is bothering me. And then I also have other times where I'm mindless watching TV and my fingers are constantly just plucking random hairs on my head. I'm much more aware of pulling my lashes and stray brows. My scalp seems to be more mindless.