Sunday, July 29, 2012


I had a thought the other day.  I know shaving ones legs and armpits isn't a part of trich.  After all, it's not pulling.  But I wonder if it could be somewhat related.  Now I wouldn't say that the average persons shaving habits are, but maybe my shaving habits are trich related or influenced by it?  The reason I'm was wondering is cause not only do I shave my legs and armpits... I shave them everyday... year round!  It's not for vanity or cause I wear skirts everyday (cause I don't).  It's simply because I hate the feel of any bit of stubble or hair growing back.  I have a hard time going to sleep at night if I can feel prickly legs.  And maybe to the average person they aren't prickly... Maybe I'm just more sensitive to the feeling.  Maybe I'm more aware of hair?  I used to think shaving daily was normal... until I realized that I haven't met someone else that shaves every single day.  Maybe it's OCD?  Or maybe it is just normal to shave that often?  Hmmmm?

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