Friday, September 21, 2012

Last night I got my hair trimmed and highlighted... for the last time by my hairstylist.  And although I don't have a new stylist lined up yet... I think I'm going to be okay about finding a new one.  I'm not going to stress out too much or get too anxious about it (not saying I won't a little).  I used to dread getting my hair done, but I'm a little more comfortable with who I am now.  Plus I've come to realize that hairstylists have seen it all, they are there to help you look you're best, and it fact... some main have even heard of trich (seems like something they'd cover in cosmetology school).  So even if I end up going to a few different people (til I find my next stylist), I'm planning on just being open about from the very beginning.  "Hey, I have trichotillomania.  Not sure if you've heard of it or not... Here's my problem areas where my hair's a little thinner."  Simple as that.

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