Friday, June 14, 2013

Little update

Overall, May was a great month.  I went 19 days pull free and had a couple additional pull free days... that's like the majority of the month!  So that's awesome and something to be proud of too.  But June hasn't been as great as May.  All of May's progress is gone.  The growth I achieved is gone.  Oh, and I've been bad at taking my NAC... haven't taken it consistently since Memorial Day weekend.  I really need a kick in the pants- I'd like to attempt another pull free streak (sooner then later).  I just need to do it! 
  Wow- looking at this picture... I really did lose a lot of progress.  My lashes were long enough where I could curl them.  I almost looked normal.  Not lush, full lashes... but almost normal.  I still needed to fill in my brows (they are so light in color), but the definitely were more filled in.  And that's all gone now.
Oh, the ups and downs of trich!


  1. Give it another go!! I am rooting for you. Even if you need to post weekly or daily photos, do whatever it is that will help! I'm with you!

  2. I feel ya on the ups and downs. Always a new day, though! :)

  3. I hear ya! May was a totally horrid month for me. I pulled a ton everyday:(( So far I am PF for June:)) Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks! Hang in there!