Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Well, that streak only lasted a week.  Kinda didn't even want to mention it or even admit it... it seemed so insignificant.  I don't even want to take my beads off my bracelet... just pretend it didn't really happen.  But it did.  So starting over tomorrow.


  1. We can only do our best! I still haven't been able to do it. I've actually put my bracelet to the side for now cuz it was stressing me out. :) New day tomorrow, lady!

  2. Setting the bracelet aside is probably a good idea if it was stressing you out... cause if you're like me- stress makes you want to pull. Pulling less and learning to accept trich and how I look... that's my goal. Trying to go pull free here and there is great, but not if it ends up tormenting you, you know?

  3. Well, at least you went a week PF. Just proves you can do it. I agree that ditching the bracelet for awhile may be best if it causes negative feelings. I'm still PF since June 1. My mom colored my hair a couple weeks ago and wow did it look better (fuller) with all the gray gone:)) Still not enough to be able to get a style and not wear a wig. That's my goal for when I return to work on Aug. 21 but I'm already starting to prepare myself that if I don't reach that goal at that time, I will keep on and just get my hair cut when it's ready. Hang in there!! ((HUGS))

    1. Jody, that's so awesome! Keep it up! :) Good luck on reaching your goal- I'm rooting for your!!