Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You can help Josie get to Mrs. America

TLC shared this yesterday:

"As the reigning Mrs. North Carolina and TLC Awareness Ambassador, Josie Sanctis has been working full-tilt to help our community. In just a few short months, she has: 

--Raised thousands of dollars for TLC
--Produced an inspiring PSA video - daring to reveal her before-and-after make-up sequences
--Founded an active and growing support group in Charlotte, NC 
--Educated state school officials about BFRBs 
--Inspired thousands of young women through her appearances on TV, radio and at TLC's National Conference

We believe Josie can win Mrs. America and bring nationwide attention to hair pulling and skin picking disorders. Please help her get there by sponsoring her journey."

And any money donated over the goal will go to TLC- pretty cool!  So if you'd like to help out, click here or click on the widget on the right. 

Good luck, Josie!


  1. she's amazing. i'm so inspired! i never knew you could put eyebrows on like that... i would never, ever know by looking at her... what a great role model for this disorder!

    1. She really is amazing! I hope they televise the pageant... either way I'm cheering her on :)