Friday, August 30, 2013

I've been using Maybelline's Define-A-Brow for some time now.  I knew I was running low so I went to Target to get another... couldn't find it.  And with my luck, I actually ran out the next day.  Completely gone.  I guess I was more than just running low.  So today I had to run errands without my brows filled it.  I decided to try stopping by Walgreen's and see if they had.  They did- just the wrong color.  And there wasn't even a spot for the light blonde.  Crap!  So I started looking at other brands, not really sure what to get.  Then the sweet old lady asked if I needed help.  I told her that they didn't appear to have what I was looking for and she recommended this:  Milani Easybrow in Natural Taupe (I just saw this Brow Fix on their site- seems interesting... might have to check that out).  
Before and After
(It's a pretty subtle difference cause I put it on pretty light- wasn't sure how the color was going to be.  So I'm sure it will look better when I've used a few more times).  Overall, pretty happy- and it was cheap too!


  1. I think it looks great, especially if you put it on a little heavier. I HATE when they discontinue a color, style, etc!!! I'm still PF (3 months now) and coloring my hair, but of course can't find the shade I used to use. Being brunette, my gray hairs are turning's ok, at least i have HAIR...but I would prefer them to be just a lighter brown or more golden (if I use any shade that says "golden" my hair goes completely RED!). Gosh, always something to complain about! Looking to ditch my wig sometime this month:)

    1. Thanks, Jody.
      Yeah, I put it on pretty light cause I wasn't sure how the color would be. I have to do a LOT of filling in so I wanted to make sure the color wasn't too fake looking.
      CONGRATS on 3 months PF, Jody!! That is so awesome!! You should be VERY proud of yourself and all of your growth!
      And I totally understand the golden thing- back when Brad used to dye my hair, I always had to use ash cause golden would turn me into a redhead (which I didn't always mind, but...).
      Keep it up, Jody!!! Your wig will be gone in no time :)