Friday, December 27, 2013

Feeling very self conscience and ugly.  Straight out of the shower- little burnt hairs sticking up.  Pulled my hair back in a braid- little burnt hairs sticking up.  Blow dried my hair (carefully)- little burnt hairs sticking up.  Not a good day.  I want to pull out all those stupid hairs, but I know they'll just grow back and be little short hairs again.  And it'd be an endless cycle... so I have to stick it out and deal with it.  Hopefully I can :(


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    1. Wish I was a hat person... Oh, we'll- I think I'm starting to get a little used to it/it's getting a little better. Thanks for the suggestions :)

  2. Those darn hairs are the worst. Once they get a little longer, they'll be better. Give it a month :) Hugs!