Friday, January 10, 2014

Not sure what happened

I don't pull from my bottom lashes.  Bottom lashes hurt too much to pull (that probably sounds weird coming from someone who pulls their top lashes, brows and hair).  Not sure why it's more sensitive or painful, but it is- so I've never had any urges to pull them.  Occasionally, I'll pull out the tweezers and grab one that is causing a top lash to snag.  I figure I'd rather get rid of one single lash that's causing a problem instead of ripping out a bunch of my top lashes.  And even then, it hurts to pull them out.  So the other day I was rather surprised to see a gap in my bottom lashes (which I think stands out waaay more than top lashes).  I don't pull my bottom lashes!  I don't have an urge to pull them!  Why were some missing!?!?  I felt kind of annoyed, but oh, well... they'll grow back and it won't get worse cause I (honestly) don't have any urge to pull them.  THEN... today I was just tugging for loose lashes (like normal people do sometimes... I think?).  Not sure if my mascara was bothering me (I think it's getting old and dry), but I tugged my bottom lashes (near the newly formed gap) and without any sensation- at least 4 lashes just fell out. I was shocked.  I didn't even feel them put up a fight.  They truly felt like loose lashes, ready to give up the ghost.  I went to the mirror, stunned... and sad.  This isn't my problem area... now it looks awful.  
And there's one lonely lash in the middle of this gap that sticks out like a sore thumb (see pic below).  I don't want to pull that one either, but it seems so obvious just sitting there.  And if I pull it, I feel like it'll make the gap complete.  One giant gap (which I don't want). I also know that one lash isn't going to do the job of several lashes- no matter how much mascara I can goop on it.  It's still a gap.  It just looks awful.
Not feeling great.        



  1. Oh man. I remember days like this. I used to trim my bottom lashes to help lessen the appearance of the gap. Keep doing what you're doing. They will grow back... and quickly!

    1. Thanks, Aunie! You're always so supportive!