Monday, January 13, 2014

TLC shared a poem that a dad had shared on the Facebook group Trichy Parenting... and now I'm sharing it with you.  She's a lucky girl.    

My daughter pulls most when she's stressed.
I eat most when I'm tired
My daughter pulls most when she's driving alone.
I eat most when I'm stressed.
My daughter pulled most when she's bored
I eat most when I'm bored.

My daughter wears a wig
I wear a Xxl....ok xxxl

My daughters pulling doesn't bother her till she looks in the mirror
My weight doesnt bother me until have to go to a function and my suit doesn't fit.

She should stop pulling
I should stop eating so much.

We are the same.
I am not better than her.
She is not better than me
She loves me
I love her

Any of you lucky enough to have a support system like this girl?  I know I've been blessed with a wonderfully supportive family!  It makes such a difference to know you have someone standing beside you.

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  1. I saw this get posted on Facebook. Best dad ever.