Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great news!  Trichster has reached their goal of $10,000!  But pledges are still needed.  They ultimately need to raise $20,000 to produce this film.  "Funds raised through kickstarter will go towards all aspects of production and post- production from equipment rentals to travel and film festival applications."  

To give you an idea of expenses, here's a list of costs that they shared:
$25 will pay for an SD card, XLR cable, or microphone windscreen
$100 will pay for a tripod, adapter, or small hard drive
$200 will cover the cost of a hard drive, or travel expenses
$500 will cover costs of camera rental for one week
$1,000 will cover the costs for two people to attend the trichotillomania conference or retreat
$5,000 will cover the total cost of post-production, including editing, composing, audio design and mixing, and color correction.

I personally have nothing to do with this film; I don't know the people involved.  But, I think it is very important that this documentary gets made and see by (hopefully) many!  So if you haven't help yet, please considering donating (even if its' just $1).  If you can't donate, then help by spreading the word!

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