Friday, April 26, 2013

Why I don't wear false lashes...

Well, I have wore them.  Once.  And of course, the day I chose to wear them was on my wedding.  I mean seriously- you have hundreds of pictures taken that day and you want to have lashes in those pictures!  Well... it was a bad experience... and I have hundreds of pictures to prove it.  The lashes just weren't laying right.  We (bridesmaids and I) kept trying to fix them.  Someone should have just said- it's not working, just take them off.  But instead, I wore them not realizing how bad they were and the end results were one eye looking normal while the other eye looked surprised.  AWFUL!  And the weird thing if you cover one eye (either one) in the photo it looks fairly normal.  But together they are crazy.  And I hate my wedding pictures.  I blame false lashes.  Therefore, I hate false lashes.
 And yes, I put giant hearts on my husband and niece's faces :)  I'm sure they wouldn't care if their picture was on here, but since I didn't ask... I didn't post.  

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