Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Won't lie... I think I've given in to ever urge these past two days or so.  I think my logic was something like this... "This lash is bugging me like crazy- if I don't pull it before tomorrow then I'm stuck with it and it's really going to bug me."  Horrible logic- I know.  But maybe you can relate :) Of course, there will always be some hair, lash or brow that's going to bug me.  Wish that wasn't the case.  I need to quit feeling for bad hairs and quit spending time in front of the mirror.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow- a new day!


  1. I can definitely relate. I've had a lot of weird logic & thoughts running through my head as tomorrow approaches!

    Quitting the mirror time is key for me too.

    We can do this!

  2. I'm gonna try and join in your challenge too. And I've been pulling like crazy the last couple days...thinking I need to get it out of my system or something weird like that. Actually, I don't think we should consider our logic weird. I prefer the term "creative";))

    1. Awesome, Jody! Glad you're joining us! Like Anna said - we can do this! :)