Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day one.

Today I am starting my pull free challenge (and some wonderful people are joining me too!).  And to help me along with this, I'll be making a pull free bracelet (see previous post here) as well... hopefully I'll be filling it up with beads!!  I'm also going to start taking NAC again today.

And since progress can be seen best with pictures (I think)... Here's some before pictures from yesterday morning with and without make-up (click to enlarge).

Yikes- right out of the shower, blemishes and all.  And I look like I have absolutely no lashes- the ones I do are very light (brows too).

Thank God for make-up!  I'm sure a smile wouldn't hurt either! :)
See I actually do have some top lashes.  I don't pull my bottom lashes.  Well, I have a few times, but it hurts and I really have no urge to pull them anyway.
 Looking forward to seeing some progress in my after photos. Oh, and I do pull from my scalp as well... I have little hairs sticking out everywhere.

So starting today- I will try to fight the urges to pull any hair, lash or brow.  I'm not even going to tweeze stray brows cause honestly- my brows are so thin I'm not even sure where they should be anymore.  

We can do this!!!  Good luck, guys! :)


  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!! Well, so far I'm PF. I've been at work and had my wig on all day, but now I'm home and this is when I get bored and stressed and PULL!!! Gonna try and channel that energy into knitting:)

    1. Woo hoo! Keep it up, Jody! Ad keep your fingers busy :)

  2. Laura... I'm right there with you! I told you that I may start a bracelet this time too... but this totally did it for me. I'M DOING IT WITH YOU. I'm so proud of you, girlie. Taking pictures and posting them can be hard and really discouraging. Go you!

    1. Yay! Glad you're doing it with us, Aunie! And thanks for your kind words! I hate posting pictures like that- definitely not me at my best :) But it's honest and hopefully I can look back on them someday and say, "wow, look how far I've come!" :)