Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pulling others

I've had this post drafted since July '12... I just couldn't get myself to finish it and hit "publish."  Why?  Cause this part of trich just seems weird to me... especially cause I don't know how common it is among other trichsters.  Like will this make me even seem weird to them?!

So here it is... well, you can probably guess by the title.  Not only do I pull my own hair, but I pull others.  I'm serious... I pull out other peoples' hair.  Well, let me make it clear- just my immediate family.  Not like strangers... although sometimes I see hairs on people that are begging to be pulled.  I think to myself, "If that was my hair, I'd pull it!"  So yes, I pull my family's hair.  

Husband- I pull his white hairs... just a few at a time.  He doesn't care.  I'm sure he doesn't think it's trich related cause lots of people pull out those few white hairs... except in his case it's his wife pulling them.  I'm sure he'd think I was crazy if I got out the tweezers and pulled ever last single white hair out though.  Those white hairs bug me- they stand out so much against is auburn hair.  

My children- I pull those occasionally stray hairs that are just sticking up out of nowhere.  Not sure how much they've noticed (cause it's normally when I'm brushing or styling their hair).  But I have heard my son say "ouch" a few times.  
My cats- yes, even the cats.  My sweet Pinky is a calico cat.  And in some of her black patches she'll have one, just one, random white hair.  And it bugs me.  She'll tolerate me pulling a couple, but if I pull too many she gets annoyed and walks away.  Can't blame her :)  
Now, I don't do this often.  My family doesn't have bald patches or anything :)  But I do it enough where I'm aware of it.  And I think it's weird.  And I'm pretty sure you will too, but... there it is.  

*Update, I googled it.  And this article in TIME said, "a small minority pull other people's hairs."


  1. Nope, don't think you're weird. I do it, too.

  2. I don't necessarily pull... but I pick! I am always analyzing people's skin and looking for things to attack!

  3. I pick and pull on my boyfriend. It sometimes helps me not do as much damage to myself, and I don't do as much damage to him as I do to myself.