Friday, May 3, 2013

The urge to pull my lashes and brows just hasn't been here these past few days.  So that hasn't been a challenge so far.  BUT... the mindless pulling from my scalp has been a challenge.  

I haven't pulled yet, but it hasn't been easy.  And I wouldn't even say I've had the "urge" to pull from my scalp... it's not like I even get urges there.  It's just what I do.  It's so thoughtless.  Like it gives me something to kill time with or something.  Kids are taking forever to get their shoes on- pull a hair.  Light just turned red at the intersection- pull a hair.  Hubby is fast-forwarding through commercials- pull a hair.  Thinking about what I'll type in my next sentence- pull a hair.  It's just what I do.  No strong urge.  No specific hair screaming at me to be pulled.  No tormenting going on in my brain.  I just do it whenever- not matter the feeling.  

So to avoid that pulling, I haven't even allowed myself to touch my hair.  A simple touch leads to searching for off hairs.  Maybe I'll just give it a tug... but it doesn't take much of a tug to lose a weak hair.  And before I know it I've unintentionally pulled a hair.  So I'm keeping my hands down cause just a touch would be too much.


  1. For me it depends....sometimes I pull mindlessly and other times I do it on purpose just to get that feeling of release. Like you, I need to keep my hands totally away from my hair. Have really wanted to pull the past day or so but I'm day 3 PF:)

    1. Congrats on 3 days PF! Keep it up :)

  2. I totally get you on the thoughtless part. That's been the most annoying thing for me. Good job on just keeping your hands down all together, definitely the way to go!