Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Today I got my hair cut and highlighted by Jamie (she's wonderful).  And she thanked me for sending her an article about trich.  She said it gave her a better understanding about trich.  Which she was grateful for because she had another customer with trich- a young girl.  She had goosebumps just telling me about this sweet young girl.  The young girl has no lashes and I pointed out to Jamie that I pull my lashes too.  I showed her up and close... And I didn't feel awkward at all.  We talked about trich for a bit... And I just realized that I wasn't even aware of the other people in the salon.  Who knows if anyone overheard- I felt comfortable enough where that didn't even cross my mind.  Hoping and praying that with more awareness others will feel comfortable  and not ashamed about having trichotillomania.


  1. Looks great! And good for you for chatting about it! :)

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