Friday, May 3, 2013

Something I need to work on...

I'm thinking I need to change my way of thinking.  I've gone through many emotions in the past 20+ years of having trich.  I've hated it, ignored it, accepted it again and again.  And I think all those emotions are normal.  But here's where my thinking needs to change... When it comes to wanting to fight trich it's normally because I hate the way I look or feel.  Instead, I should want to fight trich because I love myself and want the best for me.  Just like losing weight or something- I need to do it because I love myself and not because I hate myself.  This type of thinking might take some time to change... especially since I'm prone to thinking negative.  I tend to have that twisted thinking of " I'll love myself when..." or "I'll feel beautiful once I..."  No- I need to love myself now, just the way I am.  And love myself enough to change the things in my life that need to be changed.
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  1. Awesome post. I was just thinking how much better I would feel if I could just stop pulling, how much more I would like myself. But, we should love ourselves FIRST in order to help us stop.


  2. That's a really great way of thinking, Laura!