Monday, May 20, 2013

19 days pull free

I made it 19 days pull free- the longest I've ever gone!  There were definitely challenging days, where I felt like all of my thoughts were consumed by trich.  And other days were easier with less urges.  So although my streak is over, I am still really proud of how I did.  The lash pictured below has been bothering me for days.  It was long and straight and despite using an eyelash curler, it never curled.  It just stuck straight out.  So I tried my hardest to ignore it.  But I'd gently tug on it every once in a while... and then I started to notice that the lash hurt.  And that was more irritating than it being straight.  This morning I kept tugging on it and it kept hurting.  I knew it would quit hurting if I just pulled it out.  I knew this lash would end my streak... and I gave in.  And after that I pulled out the tweezers and pulled a few hairs that I had been bugging me as well.  I knew if I was going to try again tomorrow that these hairs would make it challenging.  I know that's probably stupid... cause there is always going to be some hair that is bothersome.    
Pull free day 1- starting tomorrow (really... I should start trying right now before I do some damage).  Okay... pull free day 1 starts tomorrow, but I'm going to start fighting the urges now.

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  1. It's OK! I've done that too... better get the pesky ones before it all goes to heck! :) I'll be rooting for you to get back on it :) you got it!