Saturday, October 13, 2012

The streak is over.  I pulled three lashes last night... yes 3!  This group of lashes had been bugging me.  They weren't growing straight; they were all kind of leaning to the side (if that makes sense).  In addition to that they would constantly snag on the lower lashes.  They were long enough to use a eyelash curler on- so that helped a little.  But they kept bugging me- visually and physically.  So last night I was just touching them- should have stopped!  Then I was just slightly tugging on them- should have stopped.  And it didn't take much for them to finally surrender.  After pulling the first lash, I started to think about the blog and what I was going to have to write.  I was thinking about saying something like "Just cause you pulled one doesn't mean you've failed, keep trying, blah, blah, blah..."  And as I'm thinking this, there goes lash two and three.  But then I was done.  I went to bed.  I got rid of the lashes that were bugging me.  And now today is a new day.  Going to try again.  Twelve days was the longest I've ever gone pull-free; a new personal record.  And the thing with personal records... you always trying to break them.  So here I go!  

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