Monday, October 1, 2012

Trichotillomania & Skin Picking Awareness Week

It's Trichotillomania & Skin Picking Awareness Week.  And it's totally a coincidence that I decided to start taking NAC today and really working on fighting the urges.  I knew this week was coming up, but that's not why I chose today (I honestly just like starting things on the first of a month, week, etc.).  And I think this coincidence is a good thing- might help give me a little more motivation.

Trichotillomania affects up to 9 million Americans.  And Skin Picking affects an estimated 12 million in the US alone.

So many people suffering in silence and feel alone.  But that doesn't have to be the case.  The more we educate people and spread the word...the more people will know about these disorders.  And I know- it takes a lot of guts to share something like this, but... you never know who you could be helping.  And if spreading the word is embarrassing, BUT it helps just one... isn't it worth it?!?  People shouldn't have to feel alone or ashamed.  Okay... not trying to pressure you too much into posting on your facebook or twitter accounts :)  But please consider spreading the word.  As TLC put it, "Let's Make Some Noise!"

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