Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From Uncontional Self-Acceptance and Trichotillomania by Fred Penzel, Ph.D., "...accepting yourself without judgment, uncritically, and just as you are, without having to be anything or do anything special. It means seeing yourself as the unique, imperfect, complex, and complete human being you are. If TTM is part of you, it must be accepted, too
Yes, even TTM can and must be accepted. TTM is a chronic, biologically-based problem not a psychological problem. It has nothing to do with intelligence or upbringing. You did not ask for it, and you didn't cause it. It's not your fault! For a good deal of the time you have had it, you may not even have known what it was, or that it had a name. Having TTM doesn't mean that you are crazy, defective, or some kind of freak of nature. It does not represent some kind of weakness or failure of moral strength. It doesn't happen to people who are somehow weaker than others or who are less deserving of decent lives. You are more than the sum total of the number of hairs on your body. If others in your society choose to judge you in that way, that is because of their ignorance and insensitivity, and is in no way a reflection upon you. No matter what, you can never be regarded as a defective human being merely because you pull your hair. TTM is, in a way, mostly a problem because society places a value on having hair as a part of being attractive." (emphasis added)

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