Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I found another trichster the other day (while searching "trichotillomania"), Arden Rose.  She has a vlog on youtube, but... it's not about trich (she does make-up tutorials and talks about fashion).  Here's her vlog post where she talks about trich:

Kudos to her for sharing her trich story with all of her followers!  Arden is just a young teenager (gosh, I feel old), but she's making an impact and spreading awareness- this video has been seen by nearly 75,000 people!  That's awesome!  
Spreading awareness... anybody can do it! 
The more we talk about trich with others, the more people will be familiar with trich.

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  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing it:) I LOVE how honest and straightforward she was about her trich and trich in general. I could really relate to a lot of stuff she said. When she mentioned that she had been a nail biter, I started to wonder if there is a connection. I know other trichsters who bit their nails. I bit mine until I was 14 or so and then started pulling at 16. Hmmmm.