Thursday, March 7, 2013

When I talk about having little short hairs all over my head- this is what I'm talking about!  
This picture was taken shortly after getting out of the shower... the rest of my hair is wet and pulled back in a braid.  The short little hairs dry faster and if I'm not careful- they will dry crazy (especially since I have a little bit of natural wave).  They don't stick up as bad as shown in the second picture- that's just cause I was holding them up before (but they did want to stay that way).  I had to wet them down after this picture.  I often have to wet them down after my hair is dry- to make sure they stay down.  The worst of this little hairs follow my cowlick, but really no matter where you part my hair- there will be little hairs.  Sometimes I feel like I should just shave my head and give all the little hairs a fresh start... and they'd all be the same length too.


  1. NO! Don't shave your gorgeous hair to spite a few dissenters!! Your "little hairs" are longer than any hair on my head....wanna trade;) Have you tried using a little hair gel to smooth/blend them? Or would that make them feel like they need pulling? Hang in there and give the little hairs a chance!!

  2. I just water them down and walk away from the mirror (seeing them stick up is what really bothers me). If I'm blow drying my hair, I'm really mindful of those little hairs and making sure the dry in the right direction. I think gel or anything like that would give the hair a texture that would make me want to pull them (I think... maybe not though).