Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#5. The Sopranos (drama)
#4. MTV's True Life (reality)
#3. Newsroom (celebrity)
#2. Trichster (documentary)
#1. Young Adult (movie)

I was unaware that trich came up in The Sopranos- I never watched the show and I don't recall discovering that while searching online.  I think I did hear about True Life and I think I may have seen it (unless I'm getting it confused with My Strange Addiction cause trich was featured on that reality show too).  I have mentioned the Newsroom celebrity before, Olivia Munn.  And I've obviously mentioned the documentary Trichster several times (can't wait to see it). And ironically, I just mentioned Young Adult like last week or so.  Guess I really should go watch it since they had it as their #1.  

Have you guys seen or heard of any trich moments in television or movies?

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