Monday, April 9, 2012

My journey with trich

I'm on day two of being "pull-free." I'm not sure if that's ever really happened before (maybe). Not saying I haven't tried before, I have. Trust me, in the past 20+ years I have tried and tried to stop pulling my hair, eyebrows, and lashes out. I'm not sure what really hit me a couple of days ago... what made me really want to try again. I didn't have a huge melt down or anything. I wasn't bawling over how ugly I looked. However, looking in the mirror lately (or pictures) has not been my favorite thing. I have hardly any lashes, my brows are sparse, and my hair has a bunch of short little hairs sticking up everyone and thinning patches... I hate it. So I was looking around on the Internet and came across a blog of a young girl in UK who was blogging about trichotillomania and how she has been pull free (I'd share the link to the blog here, but I honestly can't find it anymore). After reading a bit of her blog... I kinda just felt like- I can do this. So... here I am. I'm trying to be pull free... and you can join me on the journey. My journey with trich.

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