Thursday, April 12, 2012

On to day five- I can't believe it. I must have been making some progress prior to being pull free... cause looking in the mirror this morning there seems to be a lot more lashes compared to my "before" picture (pictured a couple posts below). That's encouraging! But I have to keep it up- cause weeks of growth can disappear so fast.

Although I did make it through the day, it wasn't easy yesterday. I had a couple spots on my lashes that were really bothering me. I wouldn't say they hurt... maybe sensitive is a better word. I was really aware of them and how they felt. In the past, (the not so distant past) I'd pull those lashes until it felt better. And although my intention would be to just pull until that feeling went away- it normally left me with a gap. So... yesterday I resisted the urge. It wasn't easy; I did keep touching them. But I never tugged or actually pulled a lash out. Amazing!

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