Saturday, April 14, 2012

Woo hoo!!!!

I'm getting close to the end of day seven. You know what that means?!? ONE WEEK PULL FREE!! I just need to hurry up and go to bed already and make it official :)

This whole week not a single hair from my head, a single brow or lash was pulled. Nothing! Okay... one hair was pulled... but that wasn't fault. Baby Girl got a handle full hair and pulled one out. Gotta love little grabby baby hands :) But I didn't pull any! And trust me, it hasn't been easy. There are some hairs that I kinda wish I would have pulled last week... now I have to deal them and let them be. Driving me a little bonkers!

FYI: I have the BEST husband ever!! He is so supportive and cheering me on all the way! Thank you, Babe!! I LOVE YOU and appreciated all of your support!

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