Saturday, February 9, 2013

I sent Jamie a message the other day after my hair appointment...

I just wanted to say thank you for being so wonderful today!  I know for most people going to a salon and getting their hair done is no big deal.  I, on the other- hand, get extremely anxious.  Prior to seeing Rachael, I rarely got my hair cut and colored.  In fact, my husband used to dye my hair- crazy I know!  I was so self-conscious of my hair loss and damage that I didn't want anyone to see it and judge me.  So whenever I mustered up enough courage, I'd go to some random place with some random stylist and hope to never see them again.

Rachael first started off doing my kids hair until I finally had enough guts to tell her about my disorder and have her do my hair.  It was the first time I've ever felt comfortable having my hair done.  So when she said she was done, my heart sunk.  Crap- I'd have to find someone new that I actually feel comfortable with or go back to going to a random person every six months or more.

So... huge thank you for making me feel normal today and not like some freak!  Cause trust me- most people with trich feel everything but normal.  It's not easy having a disorder that makes you feel uglier and so self-conscious about it.  And although it effects up to 9 million Americans- not many people have heard of it... which just makes it all the more awkward when telling people.  So... again- thank you for being wonderful to me!  I really appreciate it!!

I also shared with her the link to TLC.  She responded with a simple, "You are very welcome :)  It was nice chatting with you yesterday!!!  I'm glad you were able to relax and have some mommy time!!  We all need that once in awhile!!"    She even suggested getting together for a playdate.

I think she'll be a good fit :)  Clearly not judgmental and treated my trich like it was no big deal.  Oh, and she even lives in my neighborhood and goes to my church... our kids have played in the nursery together.  Small world :)   

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  1. That was a very nice note you sent...really summed up my feelings/experience as well. Loved the note she wrote back! I'm so glad you found her! I have a hair stylist who has known about my trich for years and even styled wigs for me. Oddly enough, she's the mom of a guy I worked with in college and had a HUGE crush on...he was THE LAST person I would want to know about my weird! Now I just wish I had enough hair for a haircut:(