Saturday, February 16, 2013

Inspiration #2

Yes, that's me... even though my oldest couldn't tell and kept asking me who it was.  This picture is about 14 years old.  Those are my real lashes.  An my brows could actually be seen without having to fill them in with make-up.
Trich (for me at least) really seems to come in waves.  In the 20+ years that I've had it- there are times where my lashes and brows look great and I'm not concerned about thinning hair.  And there are other times where there have been major gaps in my lashes and such.  And currently, I think I'm at my worst.  The few lashes that I have are very short.  My brows are so light and thin that they need to be drawn in.  And no matter where my hair is parted, there are short little hairs sticky out.  I also feel like I've been at this point for a really long time.  I don't want it to be like this.  I want to look normal!  I know I can have long lashes and filled in brows- I have before... even with trich.  
I so badly want them back.  


  1. Lovely pic! I have some of me with my real hair...even LONG hair. Sometimes it inspires me, sometimes it just makes me sad:( Like you, it comes in waves for me and I am currently going through my hardest time...have been for a couple years. I only pull from my head and it has been COMPLETELY bald for a couple years now. I have a wig and it's just so easy to put on and look normal that I usually have very little motivation to stop pulling. Why stop when I have the release pulling gives and the "normality" a wig gives (plus it saves time getting ready for work in the morning!). I haven't told anyone this yet so you are the first...I've been totally PF since Feb. 1st. Instead of setting a really long term PF forever...I'm shooting for April 1st. Then I will decide if I have to motivation to continue. PF vibes to us both!! :)

    1. Jody, that's so awesome! Congrats on being PF since the 1st!! I know that's not easy to do. And I think having a short term goal is a great idea. Saying "forever" is overwhelming and honestly... probably not very realistic. I think I need to try to PF again (at least with my lashes... that's what I really want back). Keep me posted on how it's going! Proud of you, Jody!

  2. Thanks Laura! I'll keep you posted:)