Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Stylist Update

Well, I had my appointment today with Jamie.  I was a little anxious when I first walked into the salon.  The salon was pretty empty (probably because I had an early appointment and the weather's awful today).  There were just a couple of customers there so the place was pretty quiet... quiet like, you could hear peoples' conversations.  Crap!!  If I tell Jamie about my trich, everyone in here will hear it!  Well, by the time I got seated in the chair, I started to forget about all the other people.  And I told her that I have trich- not sure if she's really heard of it, but she said she knows someone that pulls at their lashes.  I showed her where my hair was the thinnest and pointed out all the little short regrowth that I had.  And she just acted like it wasn't a big deal- phew!  And it's a good thing it wasn't an awkward experience cause I'm heading back to see her this afternoon with the kids (2 of them are getting their hair cut today too). 

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