Thursday, October 10, 2013

Curly Hair

I don't have Instagram (I don't  even have a smart phone)... so this isn't a #tbt ("throw back Thursday").  This just happens to be a old picture of me, that I just happen to post on a Thursday :)

Thought I'd share these old pictures of my hair.  My random curly hair.  Yes.  Random.  Just before my senior year in high school, my hair started to get curly.  People even asked me if I got a perm.  The curls lasted a while... about half way through college.  Then slowly I could see the curls growing out... until it was gone.
Both pics are from my senior year in high school.

Oh, and of course... I had curly hair when Brad and I first started dating.  So he loves my hair curly.  Maybe someday it will randomly decide to come back :)