Sunday, October 6, 2013

Losing Your Hair

Saw this today on the front of today...
so I had to check it out!
Losing your hair? It may an easy fix—like getting more or less of a vitamin—or trickier to treat.
It's true that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, mostly due to male pattern baldness (more on that later).
But thinning hair and hair loss are also common in women, and no less demoralizing. Reasons can range from the simple and temporary—a vitamin deficiency—to the more complex, like an underlying health condition.
In many cases, there are ways to treat both male and female hair loss. It all depends on the cause. Here are some common and not-so-common reasons why you might be seeing less hair on your head.
--By Amanda Gardner,

I was curious if they mentioned trich (actually I assumed they would- they're giving 21 reasons. I was actually curious what they'd say about it). And here you have it (click image to enlarge):
What to check it out yourself? Find full 21 reason slide show here.

FYI: Whenever I see articles like this I try to take the opportunity to post in the comment section and share a link to TLC or something.  This is a great way to inform people and spread awareness.  And hey, it's Trichotillomania & Skin Picking Awareness Week still!  Perfect! :)  

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