Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yesterday my mom asked me how I was doing (have I ever mentioned that I have a super supportive mom?  Cause I do!!).  Now that Trichotillomania & Skin Picking Awareness week is over, how are you doing?  How are your beads coming along?  And I told her- I have no beads.  And I'm not really even trying.  I've had trich for a long long time.  Sometimes I fight it and sometimes I don't- both can be exhausting!  The amount of time my brain spends on thinking about trich is ridiculous sometimes.  And I don't want it to consume me (both the pulling side and the fighting to stay pull-free side).  As important at it is to fight trich and resist the urges, it's also important to just be okay with the fact that: I have trichotillomania and I probably always will.  "It is what it is."  So yes, I still want a full set of long beautiful lashes, I still want brows that don't need to be drawn in, I still want hair with no thin patches and new growth sticking out everywhere... BUT I also want to be okay with me.  Hair, little hair, no hair- whatever.  It's me.      
Image via Mama Marchand's Nest


  1. I have no beads right now either. Not trying to pull, but not trying to not pull. Just being me, too!

    1. Pulling or not- you're a beautiful person inside and out, Aunie! And that's just you being you :)