Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trich or Treat?

Back when I was apart of Trich Support, they would do different challenges (to encourage us to not pull and to be accountable to each other).  I remember one October they had a pull-free challenge called "Trich or Treat?"... catchy, huh? :)  
Well, here's my little Halloween challenge for you... Thursday (10/31) we're going to pick "treat" instead of "trich".  Not choosing trich can mean something different for each of us... being pull-free for the day, pulling less for the day, trying to be more aware of our triggers, learning to accept trich and who were are... pick what your part of trich you are going to work on that day.  And your treat?  Maybe a nice warm bath, going for a walk, getting your special order at the coffee shop, getting a manicure... pick a nice treat for yourself.  You deserve it!

So what's it going to be?  What's your trich goal for Halloween and how are you going to treat yourself?

(And yes, that adorable Jack-o-Lantern was made by my oldest).


  1. oh a manicure... wouldn't i love that?

  2. I'm going to eat chocolate.... as always :)

    1. And it is the perfect day for chocolate!! I'm looking forward to raiding my kiddos Halloween candy :)