Saturday, October 19, 2013

TLC shared some highlights of BFRB Awareness Week.
"Our voices combined across the globe; reaching tens of thousands of people during BFRB Awareness Week! TLC's facebook posts alone reached 17,843 individuals, and we were truly touched by the personal stories of outreach that we received from sufferers of all ages." For their BFRB Awareness Week Highlights, click here.

During the week of Trichotillomania & Skin Picking Awareness Week, I posted daily on Facebook.  And I got a lot of supportive comments and "likes" from friends and families.  Some of the links I posted where shared by others- reaching even more people!  I even had a friend share with me that she also has trich (so proud of you!!).  It was a good week- and I hope more people were made aware of trich and I hope other trichsters realized that they are not alone!

So did you guys do anything to help spread awareness?  Have any experiences, stories to share?  

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  1. It makes me so happy when people feel like they can speak out! So happy for your friend :)