Sunday, October 20, 2013


I always feel so self-conscious at church.  It's one of the few place I go where people are sitting directly behind me... staring at the back of my head (okay, they're probably not staring at the back of my head, but...).  I always get a little anxious that my thin patch is showing or that all those little new growths are sticking out in every which direction and that the person behind me is thinking, "what the heck is wrong with her hair?!".  And I know that in actuality the person behind me probably hasn't thought twice about my hair.  I know it's all in my own head... which almost makes it more annoying.  I mean- if someone was actually making fun of me then I guess I could have reason to feel so self-conscious and anxious.

Now I have to say, my self-consciousness at church is nothing compared to how I used to feel getting my hair done.  Now that was awful!  I literally had to build up the courage to go... and that was like ever 6-12 months.  I hated that!  So thankful for Jamie (and my previous hairstylist Rachael- who recommend Jamie).  Now getting my hair done is not a big deal.  Phew!

So where do you feel the most self-conscious about your trich? 


  1. When I worked at the grocery store as a cashier, there was a walkway that went over top the cashes, so people could look down, and see the top of my head. When my hair was really thin, and it was impossible to fully cover the bald spots, I always worried that someone walking on the walkway was looking. 7 years, and no one ever said anything, lol.

  2. Walkway overhead??! Yeah, that would self-conscious too :)